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How to pack like a champ for your American rail adventure, whatever the weather

There are few countries on this planet with a scenery and climate as diverse as that of America's. Soaring mountains tower over sprawling, endless forests, and cascading waterfalls sculpt ancient rocks into smooth stones. That's just the countryside - America is a nation of great cities, each one more historic than the last, filled with fun, excitement and a sense of adventure. 

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Top 3 American travel routes to take by train

The United States is covered with 225,000 kilometres of rail track, so it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are three of Guru's favourite journeys.

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Train journeys with my Britrail Pass

With over 16,000 kilometres of railway lines in Great Britain, taking the train is the finest way to experience this most historic of nations. Let Rail Guru show you some of the best journeys throughout the Sceptred Isle.

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Get Set for the Rugby in London!

The Rugby takes place in England this September and October, so special train travel advice has been put in place. There aren't many things that Rail Guru loves more than a good BritRail or Eurail pass, but a full-bloodied game of rugby comes pretty close. Therefore, we're pretty excited about the forthcoming RugbyCup that takes place in England this Spring (Britain's Autumn).

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Why travel the United States of America by rail?

Travelling the United States of America offers a limitless array of opportunities, and there is no finer way of seeing it than by rail.

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Top ten reasons to travel by rail

Discover the top ten reasons to travel by rail.

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