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Train journeys in Japan using my Japan Rail Pass

Japan is a nation that delivers just about everything to the intrepid traveller, known for its futuristic cities just as much as ancient temples, iconic mountains and vast swathes of unique countryside.

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Japan's Train sets new world record! WOW! 603km/hr

An incredible feat by the Japanese Rail network. When it comes to super fast trains, Japan takes the lead. It's no wonder they're called bullet trains. Technologically advanced, these new record breaking trains use maglev technology - short for ‘magnetic levitation’. 

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Plunge into Japan's thermal springs and experience Japanese onsens

When your body is aching, your mind can't rest and you're chilled to the bone, there's nothing quite like a dip in a blissfully warm and relaxing body of water. Japan is world famous for its onsen, also known as thermal hot springs.

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Difference Between Japanese Bullet Train and Australian Trains

Japan is infamous for its fast speed, highly advanced rail systems which has opened up ground travel. Japan has invested heavily in its high-speed rail network due to its large population and focus on efficiency and productivity. They have made it getting around the country a travellers dream. Are you wondering what to expect from these Japanese Bullet trains (Shinkansen) when compared to one’s Australian train travel experiences?

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Explorer Couple Navigate Japan Rail Timetables and How to Best Make Use of Japan Rail Passes

For the adventurous couple, there is nothing more compelling than traversing a foreign nation. This can sometimes be difficult, particularly in nations where the language is as foreign to you as the food. Japan can sometimes be an example of this predicament in the more rural areas.

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Information Required to Make a Seat Reservation on Shinkansen

The Shinkansen is a system of high-speed rail that services much of Japan. This can make travel through Japan affordable and simple when combined with the rest of Japan’s transportation network. It does require a little planning if you are looking to explore as much of Japan as possible.

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