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Reasons to see the world by rail

Travelling by train allows you to see a new country unfold before your eyes as you carriage passes through, offering excitment and intrigue each time you climb aboard. Many people choose to travel the world in a variety of different ways. Some jump on a plane, others hire a car, and some even choose to walk, perhaps carrying a bindle like a regular Dick Whittington.

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Oyster Cards -Travel Easily in London Metro with Your Oyster Card

When in London there is no better way to get around the city than with an Oyster Card. The Oyster Card is similar to Melbourne’s Myki, Sydney’s Opal, Darwin’s Tap and Ride, Brisbane’s Go Card, Adelaide’s MetroCard and Perth’s SmartRider card.

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Explore Germany and Italy with a Eurail Select Rail Pass

There is no better way to explore Germany and Italy than with a Eurail Select Pass for 4 Countries. Please dont be confused when purchasing a 4 country pass when you only want to travel in 2 countries. As Germany and Italy dont share a border, your rail pass has to include the country/countries you travel through, in this case Switzerland and Austria. Learn more about the benefits of a Eurail Select Rail Pass. 

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How to buy cheap Italian train fares

Who doesn't want to travel cheaply and safely in Italy, am I right?

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Booking a train to Paris, Berlin and Moscow. An Australian travellers adventure of a lifetime!

Have you ever wanted to travel from the heart of Paris into the heart of Moscow in one seamless journey across Europe? Why not, cover the cities of Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Minsk before arriving into Moscow. 

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Why upgrade to first-class on the TGV train?

The French-operated TGV train service is magnificent whichever way you travel, but purchasing a first-class ticket is a cut above anything else.

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