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Explore Germany and Italy with a Eurail Select Rail Pass

Italy and Germany by Rail
Italy and Germany by Rail

There is no better way to explore Germany and Italy than with a Eurail Select Pass for 4 Countries. Please dont be confused when purchasing a 4 country pass when you only want to travel in 2 countries. As Germany and Italy dont share a border, your rail pass has to include the country/countries you travel through, in this case Switzerland and Austria. Learn more about the benefits of a Eurail Select Rail Pass. 

Berlin (Germany) to Milan (Italy) by Train

berlin to milan train route
Berlin to Milan train route

Starting in Germany, there is so much to explore. Berlin is a great starting point for a burst of cultural and historical experience. Seeing the sights of East and West Berlin is something that must be experienced to get a grasp on our history and humanity.

After Berlin, make your way south to Stuttgart where you can visit the home of Porsche and Mercedes Benz. You can take a hot lap in the Benz too!!! From Stuttgart continue travelling south through Switzerland and onto Milan.

Alternatively, you can travel onto Munich and enjoy a local Augustiner beer, making your way to Italy via Austria. If you choose to travel onto Italy, there are overnight and day trains from Germany to Italy via Switzerland.


Please note, with your 4 country select pass you will need to have Germany, Switzerland, Italy and then another connecting country. Even if you dont stop in Switzerland and are only passing through, Switzerland will still need to be on your rail pass to link Germany to Italy.

Berlin (Germany) to Lucerne (Switzerland) by Train

berlin to lucerne train route
Berlin to Lucerne train route

If you plan on travelling via Switzerland, I would recommend going via Lucerne. Once in Lucerne you can board the Wilhelm Tell Express and mix travelling by train with a ride on a paddle steam boat across Lake Lucerne.

Please note your rail pass will cover you for the cost of the ticket, you will just need to pay for the reservation for the paddle steamer. The Wilhelm Tell will take you all the way to Lugano where you can board a train to Milan, which will take just over an hour (1 hour & 9 minutes to be exact).

Upon arrival into Milan, Italy is yours to explore. From the fashion of Milan, a gondola ride in Venice, the statue of David in Florence, pushing the leaning tower of Pisa over to discovering Romes ruins, your rail pass will cover you for all journeys. You can pre-purchase your seat reservations too, or for freedom, you can purchase these while travelling.

Munich (Germany) to Verona (Italy) by Train

munich to verona train route
Munich to Verona train route

If you would like to travel from Berlin to Munich and see the Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen before heading to Italy then instead of having Switzerland on your Select pass, you will need Austria.

Your route will take you from Munich to Verona via Innsbruck. You can stop in Innsbruck to enjoy the mountains or spend a couple of days to explore Austria. As your rail pass will include Austria, you can make day trips from Innsbruck to Salzburg (a 1hr 40 to 2 hour each way journey) or to Wattens to see Swarovski Crystal World (a 35minute each way journey).

From Innsbruck, you can continue to Verona to see the Romeo and Juliette balcony before embarking on your tour of Italy. Once in Italy ou can enjoy the sun in the cities of Tuscany, walking along the coast line of the Cinque Terre or the amazing beaches of the Amalfi Coast.



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