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How to book Eurostar train from Australia

Eurostar Train at St Pancras Station
Eurostar Train at St Pancras Station

It's easy to book a Eurostar train from Australia. Simply use Rail Guru's online booking engine and enter your origin and destination.Is your train travel from London to Paris or Paris to London? The Eurostar train represents the most efficient way to get to mainland Europe from Great Britain, with an undersea escapade part of the adventure! 

Travel Europe with Tunnel vision

When the Channel Tunnel (or Le Tunnel sous la Manche if you're drenched in Gallic flair) opened to great acclaim in November 1994, Eurostar began its first trans-Channel journeys. The sprint from London's Waterloo International Station right through to Gard Du Nord, Paris was the first of its kind.

It was a service that revolutionised European travel, giving explorers a more efficient way to reach the mainland. The 'Chunnel' heralded an end to hanging around for hours on end for a spirit-crushing wait for a delayed plane flight. It meant that traveller could now avoid the rigmarole of countless baggage checks and security checks - and all to get to the relatively close favourite city, Paris.

Back in 1994, it was Eurostar that led the way through this tunnel of the future. Now, over 20 years later, the service boasts a flawless reputation of accessibility, comfort, convenience, frequency, punctuality, quality and safety.

Train of thought (and speed)

Eurostar Standard Premier
Eurostar Train in Standard Premier

Travelling by train has always been the finest way to see the place. With Rail Guru, you can ride the Eurostar to three of the continent's most outstanding cities - the bright lights of London, perfect romance of Paris and the culinary delights of Brussels. By booking with Rail Guru, you're given a whole plate of options.

A journey between London and Paris lasts a shade over two hours, and getting to Belgium's capital from Old Londinium is faster still - certainly more so than a horse and cart! The Eurostar is the ideal base to begin your European travel adventure.

Each of the three capitals it serves - not to mention the galaxy of other towns and cities that can be reached on the service - act as hubs to other destinations that can be reached via our Eurail passes.



What's more, the Eurostar even stretches into nearby Holland and Germany, meaning that if you're travelling by rail, Eurostar is your finest option! It's time to plan your train travel in Europe!

Book Eurostar from Australia with Rail Guru.

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