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Is the Green class Japan Rail Pass really worth it?

Green Class JR Pass
Green Class JR Pass

Should I get the Green class or the Ordinary class JR Pass for my Japan train travel? The main difference between Green class JR passes and Ordinary class is the comfort and quiet -affordable luxuries that make all the difference. Japan's Green pass is the best kept secret for luxury train travel in Japan.

Green passes are similar to business class airline tickets, whereas ordinary passes is similar to economy style. The Green pass is tailored for those wishing to travel in comfort with more style and legroom.

Green class

  • Greater comfort with reclining seat rests, larger seating and comfortable armrests.
  • Relax with ample room to stretch your legs and a multi angle foot rest.
  • A guaranteed seat due to complimentary seat reservations.
  • More spacious with 2x2 or 2x1 seating arrangement.
  • Quieter environment as it is less crowded.
  • Power point for your laptop and phone changer (select trains only)
  • Relax with a hot/cold drink and face towel.

Ordinary class

  • Less comfort as the seats are narrower with 2x3 seating arrangements and less legroom.
  • Generally has more people making it busier and noisier.
  • You may need to stand up for the journey if seats are sold out in peak periods.
  • Is cheaper than green class.

Green Pricing                                                                                      

The best thing about the Green class JR pass is that the price is not outlandishly expensive. Green class passes are only 33%-38% dearer than their ordinary class counterparts. All our staff that have experienced both green and ordinary classes recommend the green pass. It is well worth the additional value. It's the extra comfort and peace and quiet after a long day of travelling that make it worthwhile.

Finding the green carriage

The green class carriages carry a symbol shaped like a four leaf clover held within a square. This symbol makes it simple to locate your green carriage.

The green carriage (on select trains) is specifically designed to arrive right out the front of the exit ramp. This makes disembarking with luggage hassle free as you dont need to make the long walk down the platform to the exit ramp.

Exclusive views

Another exclusive advantage available only to green pass holders are the magnificent views. Green class cars have larger windows for impressive top level views on non Shinkansen train lines.

Rather than struggle with luggage space, and less comfort buy the JR Pass green class. Its multitude of benefits will make your journey to Japan the trip of a lifetime.

Spoil yourself a little. It's well worth it!

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