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Oyster Cards -Travel Easily in London Metro with Your Oyster Card

Oyster Card for London's Metro
Oyster Card for London's Metro

When in London there is no better way to get around the city than with an Oyster Card. The Oyster Card is similar to Melbourne’s Myki, Sydney’s Opal, Darwin’s Tap and Ride, Brisbane’s Go Card, Adelaide’s MetroCard and Perth’s SmartRider card.

The card is the size of a credit card and can easily fit into your wallet. Oyster Cards are preloaded with credit so it is ready for you to use as soon as you arrive. You can even use the card to travel from Heathrow into the centre of London!

Oyster Card
Oyster Card

One of the best features of the Oyster Cards other than its ease of use, is its capping system. Each time you touch on and touch off, the system will record your journey – as well as the time of travel, the zone you are in and the cost of the journey.

Once you hit the daily limit, you can still continue to travel but you will not be charged for these journeys. This means over a 24 hour period from 0430-0429 the next day you will only a maximum of £6.40 to travel in zones 1-2, a maximum of £8.00 to travel in zones 1-4 and a maximum of £8.80 for zones 1-6 per adult.

This means you don’t need to worry about keeping an eye on which zones you are travelling through. There is no stress about not haven't enough money on your card to last you the entire day. You'll be able to see London hassle free.



The Visitor Oyster Card, sold in Australia (by Rail Guru) is different to the Oyster Cards sold locally in London. The visitor cards have an added bonus and offers discounts to some of London’s best sightseeing establishments and restaurants. Save on entry costs or other purchase. Order your Oyster Card today and enjoy travelling London, like the locals.

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