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Train journeys in Japan using my Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass - unlimited train travel in Japan (JR lines)
Japan Rail Pass - unlimited train travel in Japan (JR lines)

Japan is a nation that delivers just about everything to the intrepid traveller, known for its futuristic cities just as much as ancient temples, iconic mountains and vast swathes of unique countryside.

Indeed, the Asian country is home to several must-visit sites, such as the soaring Mount Fuji - immortalised in artworks and the written word for centuries - as well as castles such as Himeji-jo, the stately white walls of which have stood for the best part of 500 years.  

japan bullet train past mt fuji
Mt Fuji in Japan


By purchasing a Japan Rail Pass with Rail Guru, you'll be in possession of a train pass that can transport you just about anywhere in the Land of the Rising Sun.

It's also completely flexible to your needs, in that you can choose between a seven, 14 or 21-day sojourn across this most fascinating of nations.

The archipelago of Japan is pretty hefty - some 377,835 square kilometres, which makes it more than twice the size of Queensland.

With such a vast nation to explore, what two train journeys stand out the most?


Tokaido Shinkansen Line - Shizuoka Prefecture, Kanto

What better place to start your epic sightseeing tour of Japan by rail than by stepping onboard one of its legendary bullet trains? The Shinkansen cuts a path right through the shadow of the resplendent Mount Fuji on its way to the fine city of Kyoto.

At Rail Guru, we believe that it's best to start this particular journey from the capital, Tokyo. This way, you can take in the sights, sounds and smells of this most frenetic of cities before leaping onboard one of the fastest trains on Earth. If the weather is with you - of course, a cloudless, clear day is best - you'll be treated to unrivalled views of the celebrated mountain that cannot be emulated elsewhere.

Seto-Ohashi Line - Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku

Iya valley Kazurabashi bridge, Tokushima, Shikoku
Iya valley Kazurabashi bridge, Shikoku

The northern region of Shikoku is well known for its arts and crafts culture, including sculptures and designs made from bamboo, paper, cloth and pottery.

You could, of course, get there by way of aeroplane, but where's the fun in that? 

Instead, climb aboard the Seto-Ohashi Line - you'll be treated to far more exciting scenery, as well as the thrill of crossing no more than six enormous bridges.

Indeed, these span the sapphire waters of the Inland Sea and rocky outcrops for no less than 13 kilometres. If you're travelling on the Saturday night, you're in for a double-treat, as it's lit with every colour of the rainbow. 



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