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Why travel the United States of America by rail?

See America by Rail
See America by Rail

Travelling the United States of America offers a limitless array of opportunities, and there is no finer way of seeing it than by rail.

Few countries spark the imagination quite like the United States of America. Even for those that have never visited this fascinating nation, there will always be something awe-inspiring about the place. The icons of the United States alone conjure familiar images that remind us of nothing but this great nation - the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the White House and the famous Hollywood sign are all magnificent symbols of Americana.

The natural attractions of America

Away from those man-made monuments does the United States have anything else to offer an intrepid traveller? The answer is a resounding 'yes.'

As a vast nation, America has the room to show off an enormous diversity of landscapes, replete with ever-changing scenery that never fails to drop the jaw. The sky-piercing, snow-capped Rocky Mountains trace a trail right up the country's western edges into Canada, with the Appalachians doing the same on the eastern side. 

America by Rail -California Zephyr Route
America by Rail - California Zephyr Route

The south west of the nation is home to sprawling, arid desert, with the Midwest feeding families the country over with its arable, rolling farmland. That isn't even to mention the expansive national parks at Yellowstone and Yosemite, home of the imperious giant sequoia and coast redwood - the tallest trees on Earth.

Famous natural attractions include the mesmerising Grand Canyon, the five Great Lakes (so large that they appear more like inland seas) and the historic Black Hills.

Even further from the proverbial beaten track, you'll discover abandoned towns, remote mining communities, forgotten footpaths that lead to disused cemeteries, and a new culture to unravel at the crossing of every county line. And the best way to discover everything that the United States has to offer? By rail, of course! Discover the top 10 reasons to travel by rail. 


Travelling the United States by rail

Modern America was built by rail. In days gone by, freight trains lined the country across all points of the compass, transporting logs, coal, bricks and other building materials to newly-developing towns. Today, those freight trains still exist, but to a lesser extent - rail is better used by those looking to explore the country, and with good reason.

America by Rail -Adirondack Route
America by Rail - Adirondack Route

Though travelling by aeroplane is easily the quickest way to make your way across America, you won't, of course, be able to view any of the wonderful scenery that America has to offer. Sure, clouds are pretty, but they look largely the same as they do anywhere else on Earth.

What about by car? The Great American Road Trip is a worthy undertaking, but hiring a car can be expensive and the driving experience tiring. Besides, your eyes will be focused on an anonymous stretch of grey highway rather than the numerous sights that surround you.  

If you travel by train, however, you can relax in your seat as you trundle through the unrivalled American landscape, marvelling at the sights as they slowly pass you by through broad panoramic windows.

With Rail Guru, you can travel much of this resplendent country by purchasing a USA Rail Pass - your golden ticket to the railways of America. Popular attraction to reach by rail are Las Vegas, Disneyland, Times Square and Universal Studios.

What are the benefits of the USA Rail Pass? 

USA Rail Map
USA Rail Map

The USA Rail Pass, in each of its guises, lends you passage to the Amtrak rail service - the most comprehensive in America. It represents the most wonderful way to see the kaleidoscope of scenery that the United States has to offer, shuttling you from many of her most important cities including New York, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boise.

The USA Rail Pass can be tailored specifically to your needs. You can choose to ride the rail for a whistle-stop 15 days, right up to an epic 45 day trek across the Big Country.

Additionally, you can select how many 'segments' you'd like to traverse. It's not as complicated as it might sound - a segment basically translates to a city-to-city journey. Hence, the more segments you purchase, the more of this fantastic country you'll be able to explore.

Is there anything else I should know about the USA Rail Pass?

With the USA Rail Pass, there are a few minor details that you should know about before you start your great American adventure. Firstly, the pass will grant you passage in Economy Class, which offers ample room to roam the carriage and comfortable, spacious seats to enjoy your journey.

Of course, the United States of America is one of the largest countries on Earth, and getting from one city from another can take a while. With this in mind, you'll need to get a little shut-eye from time to time, which necessitates purchasing an upgrade to a sleeper carriage - for a small cost, you'll get your own bed as the train makes its way to your next destination! These are booked directly with Amtrak once your USA Rail Pass arrives.

If you have any questions about the USA Rail Pass, or anything to do with Rail Guru's service, please get in touch with us and speak to an expert online - we'll be only to happy to help!

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