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Why upgrade to first-class on the TGV train?

Train travel in France and Switzerland
Train travel in France and Switzerland

The French-operated TGV train service is magnificent whichever way you travel, but purchasing a first-class ticket is a cut above anything else.

The finest way to experience all that France has to offer is by rail. From the comfort of your carriage seat, you'll be able to watch the rich tapestry of the French countryside roll on by - and in a TGV train, it'll be all the more satisfying. Nothing can compare to the grandeur of a first-class TGV package, so why not opt for this upgrade when you buy your train ticket with Rail Guru?

A seat of comfort

TGV First Class Four Table
TGV First Class Four Table


First-class seats are designed with maximum comfort in mind. You'll find even more space than in second class, and you can adjust them until you have got them just right, according to your liking.

What’s more, if you’re travelling in a group, you can opt for opposing seats. This means that you can enjoy conversations with your friends and family as the French scenery winds past – up to four travellers can sit around a table on TGV first-class. 

Seating isn't ever one size fits all!


A charged atmosphere

How could you explore this continent without your trusty camera? With so many great scenes to capture, your memory card will be bursting at its digital seams with the wealth of fabulous vistas its recorded - and the camera's battery will never have worked so hard in its life!

TGV 1st Class power point
TGV 1st Class power point

Your smartphone is another device that you couldn't do without as you travel by rail across France - updating social media about your fantastic adventures is an absolute must in this day and age!

So too is keeping up-to-date with your emails and keeping in contact with friends and family - where would you be without either of these devices, amongst others?

By upgrading to first class, you'll have free access to superfast Wi-Fi that's almost as quick as the TGV trains themselves, meaning that you'll always be connected with the rest of the world as you carve a path through the broad expanses of France.

Additionally, you'll have unlimited use of table-embedded power sockets to ensure that your devices never run out of juice, so tweet, post and upload away to your heart's content!

A personal taxi service

When travelling first-class on the TGV, you won’t need to worry about scrambling around for a taxi when the train pulls up at your destination station. That’s because you’ll be able to order one from the comfort of your carriage seat. Once you arrive, your taxi will be ready and waiting for you.

Room with a view                                            

TGV - The First Class Experience
TGV - The First Class Experience


Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll have acres of room in first class, and you’ll have mountains of space to store your luggage.

You can place it directly behind your seat in the generous area right there, lending an extra sense of security to proceedings. 

Despite the impressive speeds at which TGV trains rocket through Western Europe, their carriages are renowned for their quiet tranquility, meaning that if you want to catch a little sleep or read your newspaper, you won't be disturbed by loud noises that you may associate with train travel.


Strike a light

TGV France
TGV France's high-speed train

In the evening, the TGV dims its main internal lights to set an ambient atmosphere en route to its next destination. Many passengers take this opportunity to relax and lose themselves in a good book. This is made possible through individual reading lights, which are only available in the first class section of the train.

Your Rail Options

Rail Guru offers a selection of ways which allow you to board the TGV train, meaning that you can travel to over 150 destinations in France, as well as a select few in Italy and Switzerland. Upgrading to first class represents the finest way to experience this sumptuous part of the world, and the Rail Guru can guide you every step of the way.

First-class fares go on sale around three months before departure, and don’t tend to sell out too quickly, meaning that you’ve plenty of time to upgrade. If there is anything that you're unsure about, why not get in touch with the Guru today - you can ask us anything about the first class TGV service, and more! 



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